Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Darn... It's January Again

A quick update on C25k - I ran Week 1 Day 3 yesterday and I'm still feeling great. With this program, you only have to run 3 x a week to complete the program, but I might throw in an extra day on Thursday in a meagre attempt to build some stamina. Stay tuned :)

If you've been around a while, you know that January is my busiest month at work. In a normal month I produce on magazine, write copy for a couple of ads, update a web site or two, and try to work ahead on whatever other projects are coming down the pipeline. In January of each year, my little office puts out three magazines (two of which are my responsibility), two association directories, and a major visitors guide. Actually, that last project is rarely completed in January due to a particular town in the southern part of the state's inability to provide content on a timely basis... but it still stresses me out. The typical 25-30 hour work weeks rapidly mutate into 50-60 hour work weeks, which makes for a happy paycheck but a grouchy mama who doesn't get to spend nearly enough time in her pajamas.

And then there's that stinkin' PTO thing. I swear, I must have been hit on the head with something very hard to get me to agree to be PTO president this year. You wouldn't think the PTO would have much going on in January, but this is the month we kick things in gear for the school carnival. So, I have two meetings to chair this month, plus I'm pretty sure the district has a site council meeting scheduled in a week that I need to attend since I'm ... you know... on the site council. P's birthday is this month and I think the in-laws are coming down one weekend. Add in N's basketball practice twice a week, plus games starting this Saturday and I'm seeing a recipe for disaster.

January is really not my favorite month.

But have no fear! Everything will be okay! My To Do list will be knocked off in a timely and efficient manner, because mothers are superheroes! We routinely accomplish tasks that awe bystanders, dazzling their eyes with our freshly laundered capes while we run around saving the universe and handing out cupcakes before flying off to the next catastrophe.

Now... when am I going to find time to bake cupcakes?

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