Tuesday, June 14, 2011

If It's Friday, It Must Be Pool Day

All winter long, I bide my time. I suffer through the work craziness and the home craziness and think longingly of summer. Specifically, I long for Friday afternoons because as my coworkers know, Friday is pool day. I don't care how pressing the deadlines are. I don't care how messy the house is. I don't care if my verbs are hanging out there with no noun to follow. I'm heading to the pool with my kids. And, if the weather looks iffy for Friday afternoon, then we might just switch work days around a bit and go on Wednesday or Thursday.

Summer will be gone before we know it, and between work and softball and tball and all the normal stuff, I will feel like I haven't spent any time with my girls - except for the glorious hours on Friday afternoon. We ride the lazy river, we splash in the kiddie pool and we stare at the cute lifeguards. Wait... that might be more me than the girls...

Anywho, if it's Friday, it's pool day. And it always feels good.


Joanne said...

sounds like a great time is had by all! Blessings, Joanne

boweiz said...

this is a nice post,thanks