Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Missy Moo, Where Are You Off To?

A friend of mine has been helpin to prepare a children's book for publication called, "Missy Moo, Where Are You Off To?" (more on that in a minute) and I'm kind of feeling like that's my life. I head to work in the mornings, then race home to feed the kids in 20 minutes or less, and then we're out the door for Vacation Bible School. Unless we're going to a tball game. Or softball practice. Or doing all of the previously mentioned activities in one short three hour stretch. This week is N's final softball tourney of the summer season and it's The Big One. The girls play two games on Thursday to determine their bracket seeds and then we're off to the races on Friday and Saturday, playing in a double elimination tournament with 25+ teams and located about 90 minutes from home. Hotel living, here we come! Maybe next week will be a little more relaxed, but I doubt it.

So, like Missy Moo, I'm often wondering where I'm off to at any particular moment. She's a sassy cow who is not content to hang out on the farm when there are adventures to be had. I have seen a sneak peek of the book and it's absolutely adorable. The author is raising money through Kickstarter to publish 1,000 copies of the book and she's about 1/4 of the way there. You can read more about the project here, and you also can make a donation that will cover the various fees involved in printing and promoting the book. If you donate at a certain level (there's a $7 early bird special), you even get a copy of the book for cost! Kickstarter absolutely fascinates me, and I'm thinking it would be one heck of a good way to raise funds for that next adoption book we've been talking about... right, Meredith? Hee!


lawyerish said...

I'm going to pretend I never saw that!

Unknown said...

Thanks for you post on my book, "Missy Moo, Where Are You Off To?" We are just trying to spread the word and your help is much appreciated.

I love your blog name-I wish I could be in my pajamas most of the time. I too feel like some days I am running around, like today with summer camp preschool and Dr. appointments. I would rather be on some adventure like Missy Moo, than stuck in the car in the Tucson summer heat.

Thanks again! When we reach our goal (fingers crossed) I will be sure to send a copy of the book your way to have, review, or giveaway!
Erin Mindes

Julie said...

I definitely think you need to do another book. I even put a comment in the above post mentioning that now you have all this extra free time you should seize the moment and write away :)