Thursday, December 1, 2011

We Have Quite Enough

I was reading Lawyerish's blog post this morning... (Loving the apron, Mer!) ((Also, I'm happy you didn't kill anyone on Thanksgiving!))...

You should just go read it for yourself. I'll hang out here until you get back.

Okay? All caught up? Anywho, I was reading that this morning and her final sentence reminded me that I haven't read The Night Before the Night Before Christmas yet this season.

'Twas the night before the night before Christmas, with too much to do. Our tree wasn't up yet, and Mom had the flu.

The poor family finds holes in their stockings, the lights on the tree won't work, the cookies are burned... and then if all of that isn't enough the pets have knocked the tree over.

"Bad kitty!" I shouted, then Mom started to weep. "Christmas is ruined. And I need some sleep!"

Dad steps in to save the day and delivers the best line of the book:

"No, it's not, sugarplum. These things are just stuff. Christmas is about love, and we have quite enough."

That's the spirit I'm keeping close as I head into this holiday season. Happy December 1st to all of my friends and family. Ready or not, here comes Christmas!

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